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42 Key Reflections for the 42nd years on Earth!

I recently clocked 42 years in this life thing. Upon reflection, I decided to take a detour on this here blog and share my reflections. I have come to the realisation age is indeed just a number. I think society sets expectations for us to feel like we need to have something by a certain age, or we should be something at this or that age – and I think that isn’t fair or true. Unfortunately, we also internalize this messaging and subconsciously put ourselves under pressure. It isn’t fair to pressure ourselves to achieve certain things at a certain time because I think what’s meant to be will be, and there’s no time limit on the things one wants to achieve. I write with conviction that where I am at in my life is exactly where I would want to be and evolving with time is a beautiful part of the journey.

I have listed below, 42 key reflections on life I made for my 42nd year. I hope they bring a sense of introspection, questioning, and appreciation as you reflect upon your own lives.

1. Attitude of Gratitude: I Treasure my day. I am thankful for it; I see the present moment as it is. It is a blessing for me to be living this life right now.

2. Journaling: Writing down my plans, my thoughts and what’s anchoring in me helps my brain to see and feel everything I desire.

3. Choose focus: I do more of what gives me pleasure and excitement and let go of what no longer serves me.

4. Choose happiness: I have taken responsibility for my own contentment, embracing happiness in my life.

5. Law of attraction: What is desired by me is destined for me. My life is my creation.

6. My mind is powerful: I can bring myself to a happy place at any moment in time.

7. Unlearning is painful process, but it is necessary.

8. Unlearn: Feelings and thoughts that do not belong to me. Then Learn to recognise the thoughts and feelings that are 100% mine.

9. Unlearn Codependency and Neediness: and learn real love, self-love, and self-appreciation.

10. Unlearn Vanity: Learn the difference between when I truly feel beautiful and when I must prove my beauty to others.

11. Forgiveness: I have forgiven others, my past and MYSELF. I understand how lack of forgiveness can block my blessings.

12. Triggers: My body is always telling me something, now I honor my triggers and understand them so I can overcome them.

13. Food: Mindful of what food and drinks I put in my body, observe how it makes me feel. I am what I eat from my head down to my feet.

14. Body: Listening to my body more and being gentle with it.

15. Fasting: A simple way for me to achieve clarity and balance in my life.

16. Decisions: I decided to follow my own rules, set the spotlight on me. The good, the bad and the ugly. Take accountability.

17. Turn my dissatisfaction into action: I chose not to accept living with negative feelings, I let them motivate and drive me to take a step and change things for the better.

18. Set intentions: My intent is important with everything I do in life.

19. Mindfulness: Taught me to respond to myself, people and life with understanding, empathy, and compassion.

20. Comparison: The thief of my creative codes. I have experienced leveling in a matter of days as soon as I unfollowed people, I used to compare myself with and started creating what I want, rather than watching everyone else’s magic.

21. Life happens: How I experience this time on earth, depends on my mindset and actions.

22. Relationships: My partner is an individual living his own life, I do not own him. Also, this helps me to deal with my inner child who wants to cling so tightly to the safety and security of a male partner.

23. Projecting: Sometimes people express negative feelings towards you because they desire to express themselves in the way we do. It is all about them nothing to do with me. We are all fighting some battles inside. Not everything is said or done is to attack me.

24. Childhood trauma: It does not mean that my parents were bad parents, they did the best with what they had and what they knew. They are people with their own unresolved traumas.

25. Yoga: The places I resist in my body are the exact places I have discovered freedom.

26. Meditation: There is nothing in life I cannot breathe through.

27. Smile: I like to smile because it reminds me of how far I have come.

28. Rest: Taking a day to just slow down and take a break and do absolutely nothing. Researchers found that we need time to daydream to become better and more creative.

29. Money: I threw my money stressors aside and set myself free of worry, limitations, and stuck energy I had around money.

30. Material things: I can still like material things, be rich and STILL be ridiculously spiritual, PERIOD.

31. I am more mindful of the words I use.

32. Understanding the power of being present which is a thing I never get to show up for.

33. Not everything has to be structured.

34. Self-love does not come from me fixing myself it comes with the parts of myself I have been trying to fix.

35. Not everyone understands me and its ok…My dreams belong to me.

36. Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned.

37. Friends that listens are rare treasure.

38. I attract positive, joyful, AWESOME people in my life by being me.

39. Everyone has the same amount of faith, they just invest it differently.

40. Older does not mean wiser unless you have looked within.

41. 2020 is a fucken awesome year, a year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber.

42. Everything is an illusion, and I must give my body back to earth after I am done with it.


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