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The Health Benefits of Grounding

The Health Benefits of Grounding or Earthing to help overcome the trauma and pressures of the Corporate and Entrepreneurial environment.

"Today on Rebirth, we have a guest blogger who brings to the fore an important and necessary discussion around earthing! An ancient practice our ancestors swore by. Terence Showa is an energy that believes in our connection to the earth, our past and our future. He believes that our potential is harnessed best when we re in tune with the right food, exercise and being one with the earth. Terence is a vegan and Omniest.

Enjoy the article and share your views in the comment box."- Nana

The community we live in has continued to evolve and grow... and whilst the benefits of that evolution and growth are evident in our advancements, we have however neglected something important that over the years it has had catastrophic consequences to our health. This post is to try and redirect you towards the source; to allow you to gain the benefits of plugging yourself back into the earth and it’s benefits.

What if I told you that there is a scientific consensus that reconnecting or plugging yourself directly to the earth has direct benefits to you? To bring it home, if you know anything about corporate or entrepreneurship you will appreciate the pounding that the body takes from the many stressors associated with what we call ‘the grind’. There is a simple solution that will help, but do not merely take my word for it, I employ you to rather do your own research, but here goes. Earthing (also known as grounding), refers to the discovery that bodily contact with the Earth's natural electric charge stabilizes the physiology at the deepest levels. Earthing is as simple as routinely walking barefoot outdoors that restore a lost and needed electric connection with the Earth. Its major benefits include reducing inflammation, pain, stress, and improvement of blood flow, energy, and sleep, and greater well-being. These effects are profound, systemic, and foundational, and often develop rapidly. If you have doubts about these benefits, why do you feel calm and relaxed and happy anytime you walk barefoot on a beach or walk-through wet sand in a river? Have you ever wondered why children naturally gravitate to playing with dirt barefoot whenever they get a chance?

I recently learnt that the reasons most floors in our grandparents houses were made of mud mixed with cow dung had more to do with cow dung than poverty as I had always thought. ‘We use cow dung because it is herbal medicine from different leaves and plants that the cattle eat on a daily basis…which when ingested are ‘boiled and fused due to the heat and digestion activating their chemical bonds… When we apply the same dung to the floor and we walk over it barefoot, or lie on the floor at night the natural herbal chemicals from the cow dung get transferred into our bodies’ Our Ancestors did not use dung because of poverty but because they possessed a rich knowledge of the stars, chemistry, medicine and self awareness of their environment and Mother Universe” Some 20 studies to date have reported intriguing evidence of wide and significant physiological improvements when the body is grounded vs. non-grounded. The research, along with numerous anecdotal reports, demonstrates that Earthing clearly deserves inclusion in the clinical practice of preventive, alternative, and lifestyle medicine and has great potential to render these approaches more effective. In summary; Earthing (grounding) connects people to the Earth's natural healing energy. It reduces inflammation, pain, and stress; improves blood flow, sleep, and vitality. Earthing is a simple, profound lifestyle addition, requiring no effort or dieting. Earthing is a GROSSLY overlooked factor in health and healing. Earthing should be recommended by health professionals to patients. I have taken to grounding on every opportunity… at home on the lawn, at the farm on fresh soil, at my native home and other areas considered sacred. I have also take to grounding when I walk in rivers or on the beach the few times I am afforded that opportunity.

Have a look at this article to start your appreciation of this life changing but simple practice;


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