New Beginnings

Happy new year my awesome tribe!

2020 has really been a weird year with many unprecedented human interaction dynamics. At some point almost all 7,5 billion of the human population were locked in our houses, and socially distancing for our safety. Some of the basic human interaction physical gestures have become past, for example, What is Hugging our friends and loved ones? Michael Jackson will certainly be proud of our using masks as a staple when putting together outfits!

2020 has truly been a a wild year, but it came with incredible growth, and even more lessons that I am grateful to have experienced. Having to quarantine has given me the opportunity to go back to the things I lost touch with. I had a lot of conversations with myself, conversations that were largely kind! Many people I know are seeking new career options, shifting priorities, and putting themselves FIRST for the first time, well, ever. Such a beautiful thing to witness. I however, would be naive to not acknowledge that 2020 turned a lot of things upside down. A real topsy turvy!

We have ushered in 2021, a new year. It is time to evaluate our lives, set goals and set our intentions for the year. We often do this with a long list of resolutions so they can help in making small changes that will make a difference for you. But the truth is, year after year almost everyone fails to complete them including myself. Some people set super high goals for themselves, and that can be incredibly intimidating. We see New year as a blank slate, we shoot for the stars, telling ourselves that we can do it all, and there is nothing wrong with that if you put in the work, hold yourself accountable, write it down and make it real. It is important to then set goals for yourself that are attainable. You do not want to be unmotivated because something is a bit too far out of reach!

The tip is to start out small and progressively grow. Pinpoint one resolution and throw all your energy behind it. I personally just take a larger goal then I break it to more manageable chunks. The idea is not to overwhelm myself with a long unattainable list. When I choose the new year resolution I had to cut through the noise, think about what I really want to achieve, and asked myself ‘which of these would have the greatest positive effect’ and then BOOOOOM that’s my goal.

Once you have nailed your new years resolution, the next step is to buckle down on daily behaviours that will help you achieve it. Create actionable plan to help turn this Behaviour into a habit. A plan gives you guidance, something to fall back on when you lose motivation by end of January. It is critical to have a backup plan and a system in place before you start making major changes to how you live and work. I am a Virgo, so I obsessively monitor my goals and adjust my strategy when circumstances change, or things go wrong. Anything can happen and you need to be ready to adapt your goal to the current situation at hand. What I usually do is I retrace to where I wrote my goals to check if I am on the right track to hit my goal, or if there is need to reevaluate the results deeply to find out what held me back.

This time of the year people will always have opinions about what to do, and how to do it. But at the end of the day your life is your making, do what make you happy and what works for you. My message to you all in 2021 is:

- Find a daily routine that fits your schedule and is directly aligned to your goals. We are all going to have different priorities so it is important that your routine is sustainable and includes things like workouts, meditation, self-care, reading, family time. Find something that works and stick to it.

- Push yourself out of the comfort zone, that’s where dreams die, nothing good happens in a comfortable, safe zone.

- Be intentional, make sure all of your daily tasks are making you better, the world deserves a better version of you.

- Enjoy the process! We only get one at life, no matter what it is your devotion in life make sure you do it whole heartedly and with passion. I promise you if you are in it for the right reasons and care about the people the universe will align you with everything you desire.

Stay awesome and welcome to 2021!!!! I love you



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